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Peace Corps vs. AmeriCorps
Peace Corps Teaching/Volunteering U.S.

Peace Corps vs. AmeriCorps

When it comes to long term volunteer opportunities, there are two main options for Americans that are organized and run by the federal government: Peace Corps and AmeriCorps.  I’m in a somewhat unique position to have served in both programs.  I served in the…

March 1, 2016
Peace Corps

My favorite Christmas abroad-Part 2 (Madagascar)

Most people don’t know much about Madagascar.  In fact, I’ve only met a handful that could point it out on a map.  For those who don’t know, it’s a small island off the southeast coast of Africa, across from Mozambique.  It’s also the place…

December 23, 2015
Europe Peace Corps U.S.

My top 3 Thanksgivings away from home

My first Thanksgiving away from home was my freshman year in college.  Being so far from home, it just wasn’t worth it to pay $500 to get back to Idaho for only a few days.  My family is very close and we consider the…

November 28, 2015