5 Amazing Places To Eat In Palm Springs

January 18, 2016

While my dad cooked on Christmas Day, we ate dinner out the rest of our time in Palm Springs.  My dad and Jerry took us to all of their favorite restaurants and I have to admit that we had some incredible food.  In no particular order, here are the restaurant highlights of our trip.

Manhattan in the Desert:
A New York Style deli that’s located just up the street from my dads place.  They don’t have liquor license, but what they lack in alcohol they make up for in dessert.  I’m a sucker for trying one of a kind dishes that you can’t get anywhere else, so when I saw the Carrot Cake French Toast I was sold.  It was absolutely to die for.  I did also order a couple eggs to try to balance out the sugar with a little protein.  Although, I’m not sure why I bothered when we bought 4 desserts to take home.  (Jerry had such a sweet tooth he ate half the carrot cake before I could take my picture!)

Family pic taken by our waitress, Fuzzy (gotta love that name!)


Sammy G’s:
Italian restaurant where we went to split a couple pizzas on Christmas Eve.  I had to get the one pizza that my dads hadn’t yet tried: Filet Mignon with mushrooms, lettuce and ranch.  It was incredible.  The restaurant has a great ambience and they also had some very nice Christmas décor that I had to snap a couple pictures of.

Family pics from the restaurant:

After our day shopping at the Outlet Malls, we took the Buzz down to Lulu’s for dinner.  I’ve eaten here before, but every time I walk in I’m blown away by the beautiful ceiling and chandeliers.  My family ordered an appetizer to share, but I was more focused on the drinks-they have a banana margarita on the menu which I just had to try.  They also feature a 3 course meal for just $20.  When I saw they had both the Wild Mushroom Soup and the Lasagna Bolonese on the Prix Fixe Menu I knew that’s what I was going to order.  Although I did get a bit of heckling from my family and the waiter (all in good fun) over ordering fresh fruit for dessert.

Family pics from the restaurant:

Our last night in Palm Springs we went to Tropicale, which is one of my dads’ favorite restaurants.  We’ve eaten there before and have always had a nice time so I’m still featuring it here, even though this particular evening left us wondering what had happened to their customer service.  It took an hour and a half to get our meals and we were sitting on the outside patio in the cold after our waiter and busboy removed both the heaters that were around our table without even asking.

Despite the bad service on this particular night, the food and drinks were still good, although we weren’t very hungry after eating a second basket of bread due to the long wait.  I was delighted to try the Raspberry Mango White Sangria and ordered pizza for dinner.  While I know my dad was a little disappointed with our evening on our last night out due to the poor service, the company was good as always.  We also saw Suzanne Somers, which was Jerry’s highlight for the evening.  And we took our leftovers home so that we could still enjoy the good food the next day.  I also know that since this is one of my dads’ favorite places that they will definitely be back.  Hopefully, this was just a one-time issue due to an inattentive waiter.

(update: My dad and Jerry have been back to Tropicale for brunch and had a wonderful dining experience with fantastic service.)

Our last morning instead of heading to Koffi as we’ve done every other day, my dad decided to try a new bagel place so we headed over to Townie’s.  Since I’m not a coffee drinker I got an apple juice to go with my egg, cheese and bacon sandwich on French Toast bagel.  People often tell me that I eat things in weird combinations, but I thought it was wonderful!


Have you eaten at any of these restaurants?  What are your favorite places in Palm Springs?

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5 Amazing Places To Eat In Palm Springs

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