I’ve made an intentional choice to not monetize my blog at this point in time.  This means I’ve not placed any ads or affiliate links on my site.  In addition, I’ve not accepted or written any sponsored posts.  While I often highlight products or businesses that I enjoy, this is solely because I want to share my feedback and opinions and because I hope to introduce people to new brands or local businesses that they may not be familiar with.  However, I make no money if people purchase anything I recommend and I’ve never featured any business in exchange for money or goods.

I pay for my own travels, which is a large part of why I don’t travel full time.  I do this through hard work, sacrificing non-essentials and saving.  I love to travel and focus on encouraging cross-cultural education and exchange.  If you would like to help me with future trips and/or volunteer work, please click the ‘donate’ button and enter the amount you’d like to contribute.  I greatly appreciate your support and generosity.

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